Summery high spirits

Gentle alpine meadows, a colourful sea of ​​flowers, the fragrant mountain air, huge mountains
and rock formations, and in the evening a colourful game of special sunset called Enrosadira, all guarantee
to arouse displays of nature that invite to wonder and admire. You can order the tickets for free here,
many cuckoo calls included. And we are in the middle of it! The only thing you cannot find here is boredom.


During a hiking holiday in Val Badia, freedom begins where "must" disappears. The Dolomites offer space for anyone who wants to recharge batteries and slow down from the path of everyday life. For those who want to reach the mountain summit, there are enough vertical meters… in the Dolomites, everyone can reach the individual limit,
but also those who want can go beyond their limit find what they look for. What is a demanding summit tour for one,
can be a leisurely hike up to a pasture lodge for the other. Whether maximum performance or pure enjoyment of nature: our apartments are a source of strength and inspiration. Body and mind in harmony. Pure energy!


Climbing in Val Badia shows you the steep world of the Dolomites. Climbing represents a piece of freedom that can be won only with respect, for nature and the mountains along the iron ways to the summit. It takes stamina, constant training, strength, endurance, and technique to master difficult via ferratas, and put the whole body in action on a steep wall. For entering the exciting world of rocks, you need a proper preparation, a reasonable tour selection,
and the possibility to choose basic climbing tours, which are easy to find everywhere in Val Badia. Our holiday apartments are not far away from different climbing tours, so there is nothing in the way for great mountain adventures with the whole family.

Mountain bike

In Val Badia, the demanding topography is popular for mountain bikers not without a reason: the mountain climbs present a challenge for everyone. With fast descents, narrow steep paths, and material battles during downhill,
begin the true bike adventure during a MTB holiday in the Dolomites. The mountain bike trails also offer pleasure
tours with fantastic views, which invite even fanatic mountain bikers to take the foot off the pedal and enjoy the great scenery of the most beautiful mountains of the world.


E-bikers love to enjoy, with a full-suspension and without much effort, beautiful up- and downhills with fabulous views. All this is possible during an E-Bike holiday in the Dolomites, because, for example, Alta Badia offers various
E-Bike rentals, and charging stations for E-Bike riders are available everywhere. All this is possible during an e-bike
Alta Badia holiday. In one day, you can ride different types of mountain bike trails without much physical effort,
and experience the Dolomites in a sustainable, healthy and fun way.


Experiencing the Dolomites from the back of a horse is a unique experience. Riding is all about trust and the deep relationship between man, animal and nature. In this way, guests have the possibility to make small trotting steps
into great happiness and discover the beauty of our earth in the saddle. The small and unspoiled village of Longiarú offers riding possibilities, and this attractive sport can also be learned in this stunning environment. Nothing stands
in the way of an exciting riding holiday in South Tyrol!

Guided Trekking-Tours

Breathe fresh mountain air, experience unforgettable moments on a summit, and enjoy beautiful natural landscapes. Explore the Dolomites and their secrets under guidance of an expert, because the wide variation of hiking trails makes the right choice and the right trekking tour not the easiest decision. From adventurous family hikes to stunning theme trails, to challenging via ferratas and summit tours, the hiking guide will be there to help and advise you.
We are happy to organise a professional hiking guide for you, who will show you the most beautiful paths, tours,
as well as views of the Dolomites. Guided hikes made by professional and instructive experts are a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

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