#turn off & #switch off

Often we need a time for ourselves to gain new strength and energy and find inner balance. "Switch off"
and "turn off" are our two magic words, because at your arrival you have the option of handing over your mobile phone and car key at the reception.

No call, no message, just bird chirping, a cowbell and maybe some cuckoo calls will disturb you during the days
with us. And if you do not use the car for the whole holiday time, then even the environment will thank you.

Tike your time for ourselves! We will endeavor to keep your cell phone or car key safe throughout your holiday.
If you manage to make your stay without your mobile phone and your car, you will receive a 15% discount
on your next stay in our house.

The car can be left for free in our garage, because numerous hiking trails start directly from our house.
If you still want to leave the village for a day, you can use public transport.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Dolomites!